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Microsoft's Windows is an Operating System, NOT A PROGRAM.

An Operating System allows Your computer to run programs.



To better understand what an operating system is compare a Baby and a Computer.


You can talk to a baby all You want but until a baby learns to communicate the baby can't tell You what he or she wants.


You can talk to a computer all You want but until the computer has an Operating System the computer can't communicate with You.


Adding a Program to an Operating System is like sending a baby to school.



Like a baby the Windows Operating System needs "Basic Maintenance".


Instead of a diaper change; Windows wants Disk Cleanup.


Instead of tiding up; Windows wants Defrag.


Instead of a hug; Windows wants Scandisk.


Windows allows You to run multiple Software Programs.



CLIENTS who need information about Windows also learn:

Microsoft Windows

The Basics:

Control Panel:


Mouse Settings

Add/Remove Programs






Device Manager

Start Menu Options


Task Bar Options

Display Properties:

Windows Explorer:


Copy/Delete/Move files


Create Folders


Find Files &

Screen Saver

Recycle Bin




Windows Help:

Customizing Menus


Disk Cleanup


Disk  Defragmenter


Scan Disk


Short Cuts

Web Help

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